Two Metre Tall Tasmania

Two Metre Tall Farmhouse Ale & Cider Tasmania

Fiercely independent, we seek flavour, sustainability & truth of origin in the food we grow & make

Barrel ageing, spontaneous fermentations and everything in between…

We are farmers brewing farm ales & ciders in unique batches using farm grown ingredients from our own property in the Derwent Valley of Tasmania as well as ingredients sourced directly from farmers across the state. Barrel aging, spontaneous fermentations, experimentation and everything in between. Fruit in ale, sour cherries and more.


Thursday - Sunday 12pm to 5pm

CLOSED Friday 21st Jan but OPEN Wednesday 26th January 2022

Bring a picnic and enjoy a pint or two.

We operate in the great outdoors on a farm .... sometimes the weather is too much for us and we choose to close!
Ring ahead if you're making a long trip to get to us.
*COVID-19 vaccination is a requirement of entry from December 6th 2021 as per Tasmanian Government directive.

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