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EOI Special Release 2016
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A limited range of barrel aged soured ales.  Think fruit, acidity, body ... everything you have learnt to expect in a wine.


2017 Special Releases COMING SOON

We are currently taking pre-ORDERS & expressions of interest in our Sour Cherry & Wild Soured Plum Ales.  Expected delivery in time is July 2017.

Send Jane an email to express your interest.

Orders need to be shipped in 6x750ml or 12x750ml quantities.  You may like to flesh out a smaller order of the Special Release Brews with bottles from our core range for $15 per bottle which includes Cleansing Ale, Derwent Aromatic Spelt Ale, Forester Bitter Amber Ale, & Huon Dark Apple Ale, Huon Famhouse Dry Apple or Poire Farmhouse Dry Pear Cider. No payment is required at this stage. You will be notified by email of your allocation when we will arrange payment of the total amount with you.  Freight rates will be charged extra and you will be notified of the amount with your allocation confirmation.

SEVEN YEARS at SEA   4.9% alc. vol. (TBC)     Brewed Jan2010   750ml         Price TBC

A dark ale made with oysters and aged in our hayshed for seven years ... need we say more?

SNAKEBITE   6.6% alc.vol.      750ml     $35 each

We originally brewed the Snakebite for Noma Australia, but with that journey now complete, we couldn't resist another fresh, young version which takes our cider and blends it with a light, fresh and aromatically hoppy ale.  An Australian classic re-imagined.

SOUR CHERRY ALE Barrel Aged    6.3% alc. vol. (TBC)              2015 Vintage      750ml   $30 each

Once the slow, complex, wild fermentations of the spontaneously fermented base ale (which becomes our Original Soured Ale) have reached a balanced stage (at around 2 years), we racked a portion to oak barrels (released from a well-known local winery) and added up to 25% w/v whole Morello Cherries from an orchard directly across the Derwent River from our farm and allowed a further wild fermentation to complete in barrel over 18 months.   Intense red, lifted fruit characteristics, structured mouth feel and an intensely long dry finish … behold the result!

SOURED WILD PLUM ALE Barrel Aged  est. 6.4% (TBC)  750ml   $30 each                                               

A 100% spontaneously barrel fermented ale to which up to 25% w/v Agen, Stanley & Blood plums were added early in the process. The plums were sourced from the orchards of our neighbours on the banks of the River Derwent. This ale was racked from barrel at 18months and bottled "as is", after minimal settling.  This ale is richly plum coloured, bracingly dry and redolent of the characteristics of the fleshy, fruity plums used.  A remarkable partner beverage for a wide variety of fully flavoured food, plums are always at their best when partnering soft cheeses, game meats and rich sauces.



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Liquor Licence Number 50126 as issued under the Liquor Licensing Act 1990 in Tasmania, Australia

It is an offence to sell or supply to or obtain liquor on behalf of a person under the age of 18 years.