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The Derwent Valley of Tasmania has a perfect climate for growing malting grains. We grow our own barley on our farm and, for the moment, send it interstate to be malted.  About 70% of the malt used in our farmhouse ales is grown on our farm.  The rest is sourced from other Tasmanian producers. A very small percentage of specialty malts are sourced internationally as they are not available in Australia, a situation that we hope can be rectified.

Varietal diversity of grain is something we are keen to develop on our farm. In Australia just one variety, Gairdiner, predominates for malting & feed grade barley. This situation is ludicrous if you consider our large continent's diverse climatic variation.  We are seeking to expand our varietal mix over the next few years.

We have spent much of our energy converting our shearing shed into a brewery. The next project for us will be to establish a malting shed on our property so that grain processing can happen a stone's throw from where it is grown & harvested.  This will complete our aim to establish our Farmhouse Ale Estate.



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