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In 2006 we purchased our herd of Black Angus cattle.  Despite the challenges afforded us during 5 years of drought, we now enjoy our 'beer-fed' beef. The free ranging pasture diet of these cattle is supplemented with spent grain, trub, hop waste from each brew as well as 'beer' waste from our still, hence the 'beer-fed' tag. 

In 2010 we added some very handsome Wagyu Bulls to the mix and we are thrilled with the taste and texture of the meat they produce with the Black Angus cows. Extended hang time, usually up to 30 days, also provides wonderful eating quality to the beef.

Sustainability in farming is central to our philosophy.  We practise organic principles using no synthetic fertilisers or herbicides.  The management of our brewery waste is also integral to our farming and cattle raising.

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Send Jane an email to enquire about the latest BEEF ORDERS available.   We are currently trying to find a beef processing solution after the closure of the Cradoc abattoir in December 2017. We hope a solution will be found soon .... UPDATE; Nov2018 Cradoc is now open again - watch this space for announcement of beef again at TwoMetreTall. In the meantime, bring a picnic with you!

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